Review and Comparison of 4 Best Paid Survey Sites of 2019 

The thought of making extra money just by taking surveys online is certainly a very appealing idea for the average American. You'll often here friends and coworkers talk about filling out a few surveys in their spare time and getting some extra money for beer or going out to eat. However, many people think it's too good to be true, and get turned off to the idea without giving it much thought. Come to find out, there are several sites that actually seem to work pretty well for users who would like to make a little bit of extra money filling out surveys. In this article, we'll compare and contrast 4 of the best paid survey sites for US residents and see if one might suit you more than another. It is recommended that you sign up for more than one site, so you always have survey options to choose from.

1. Survey Junkie

Compared to some of the other options, Survey Junkie is purely surveys. Survey Junkie works on a point system, where each survey gives you a certain amount of points that can be cashed out for either money through Paypal or gift cards once a certain amount has been obtained. On average, users seem to earn about 10 points for every minute or two of survey done. The amount depends on what the survey offers, as different surveys give you the same amount of points for different amounts of work. 100 points is 1 USD, so it's no get-rich-quick scheme, but for a person who would just like to make some extra bucks filling out some simple surveys, Survey Junkie is worth a look. There's even a bonus just for signing up!

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars features a few different ways to earn money besides surveys, such as watching videos. Inbox Dollars seems to pay a little less than some competitors for surveys, however, making up for low earnings with its variety of tasks. There is no point system, so you are earning straight cash. There is also a bonus for signing up, and doing work gives you the opportunity to win a lottery-style "scratch" ticket that can potentially give you a bonus. You can't cash out on this site until you've made at least $30, which would take a good amount of work.

3. Vindale Research

Vindale Research would seem to be one of the best sites for paid surveys online. As with most other options, surveys vary wildly in pay, but are on average a fairly decent amount, up to $50. Vindale Research is a little bit more formal than some other options, which is a plus for the right person, and referring other people to the service nets you a cash reward of $5.

4. TimeBucks Rewards

Like Inbox Dollars, TimeBucks allows you to make money not just through surveys but through watching videos and other outlets as well. There is a section where companies can post offers where users get paid to download apps, sign up for certain websites, follow Instagram pages, click on ads, and a plethora of other random things that you can do easily even while you're sitting on the couch and watching television. TimeBucks also partners with online retailers to give you special cash-back options when you shop. Other things of interest include rewards for referrals and a game you can play once a day where you pick a set of numbers for an opportunity to earn a cash prize of up to $100. You are able to receive money you've earned once you've earned $10, and you can be paid through Paypal or with Bitcoin.

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